Why Training is Important For MCA Students?

The growth in the service sector in India is led by IT-ITES sector that has contributed a lot to increase in GDP and employment. The sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2 % in 1998 to 7.5 % in 2012. So no one can deny the tremendous scopes, opportunities that are lying in front of those professionals willing to make a career in IT field.

But although jobs are available due to lack of trained professionals students are not getting their dream job. Their expectation remains unfulfilled in terms of both salary and designation. So it is important for all the students to go through proper training. Proper training improves productivity of a candidate. Well Trained employee can perform in an organization both qualitatively and quantitatively. According to any good company there if fresher candidates is properly trained and technically sound then there is less wastage of time, resources and money.

According to the job trend any student from Science and Maths stream like BTECH, BSC IT, BE, MSC IT, MCA, Diploma holders are eligible for applying jobs in this sector. The candidate should be a graduate and must possess the following skill sets. In case of MCA or MSC IT candidates something more is expected as they are having an additional bachelor's degree compared to BE/ BTECH/ BSC. But the problem lies because companies now have huge number of options. There are lakhs of engineering colleges growing like a mushroom in the country producing inferior quality engineers with less technical exposure and practical IQ.

It is not possible for all the students to get admission in the top premiere engineering colleges of the country. So who is going to fill up the gap of technical exposure due to which the students are not getting proper jobs in the market? Training companies play the most significant role in this part. Companies are looking for the candidates with has got the caliber to deliver successfully with minimal supervision, who can work independently and can act as a team player. For MCA students the expectation from the companies increases as he is possessing a Master's degree. The candidates in order to match with the expectation of the companies should undergo thorough technical training in IT and sharpen their practical knowledge, skills and IQ level. In addition they should also work upon their communication and interpersonal skills.

Companies are looking for flexible, dedicated, dynamic, innovative professionals with the right positive attitude. According to them, these candidates can stimulate the growth and solve complex problems in the lean times. The ability to keep yourself up-to date is vital to a company's survival and existence. Inadequately trained employees cannot contribute and hence does not add to the profit maximization of the company.

So training plays a very vital part. And it is indispensable to go for technical training from a PVT. LTD company rather than any training institute. The kind of practical exposure, infrastructure that one receives from a company cannot be compared with a training institute. Candidates have the chances to interact with industry software professionals who had got strong technical expertise and rich industry exposure. Previously students rely more on Government institutions which used to provide training. But now a days as per the demand of the IT industry, the kind of practical exposure and infrastructure that a PVT. LTD company provides cannot be matched with that of an institute. A major factor influencing employer needs is ever- changing technology. So all the students are requested to go through a training program from a reputed company in all the cutting edge technology like Java, .NET, C#, , J2EE, Silver light, Embedded System, VERILOG, VHDL, ROBOTICS, WEB-DEVELOPMENT, PHP, CATIA, AUTOCAD, PRO/E, STAAD. PRO and many more.

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