Let The Colocation Experts Take Care of IT Needs

Partnering with a colocation center for IT needs offers many advantages to companies. One of the most important is expert technical support. It is often not easy or cost effective for companies to manage their own IT equipment in house. Colocation centers can take that stress off their hands by offering equipment housing and expert technical support.

When selecting a colocation partner, the focus should be on the services the facility offers. Importantly, technical support should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A Dallas colocation data center offers experienced staff to run critical operations smoothly so businesses can focus on their day-to-day functions. In addition, the colocation center offers these support services around-the-clock to meet its customer's needs.

The professionals available at the colocation center also assist with the initial migration of a system into a facility. They will make certain that installation and transition has little to no effect on a company's daily business operations. Because of this, a company can really benefit from partnering with a Dallas colocation facility.

Installation Tasks

A seamless transition is crucial when a company transfers IT equipment from its own office space to a Dallas colocation facility. Without it, businesses can experience costly breaks in service, which could lead to an even costlier loss of business. A colocation center offers a team of experts that can keep everything moving smoothly for a company, and in turn, their clients and customers.

In addition, the team will constantly be on the look-out for ways that hosted servers can run faster, better and more efficiently. These professionals stay current on today's newest technological advances in order to do this effectively. A solid colocation center support team can provide installation services that include:

??? Optimization consultations

??? Server rack or cabinet layout

??? Expert installation

??? System evaluation

Services Provided

When a company partners with a Dallas colocation center, it won't need to maintain IT staff to handle emergencies or routine maintenance. In fact, when an issue arises at the facility, businesses might not even need to send an employee to manage and mitigate the damage. The support staff at the data center is comprised of electricians, engineers and technicians who are capable of taking care of any routine issue. A well-designed support staff can provide services such as:

??? Power cycling

??? Remote cabling

??? Back-up file and tape loading or unloading

??? Swap out drives

24-Hour Assistance

Emergencies can and do occur at any time and without notice. This is exactly why it is critical to have a dedicated support staff available at all times. This staff is necessary to keep a company's IT equipment running with little or no service interruption in the face of issues.

While many colocation facilities state that they offer 24-hour support, many of these facilities offer only on-call services. When an issue or an outage emergency is reported, it may take crucial time for support to arrive. During this time, a business may be offline and not conducting transactions, resulting in countless losses. This is why partnering with a Dallas colocation data center, which offers its clients around-the-clock support, is beneficial.

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