Month: May 2019

Summer Training in Uttarakhand For a Lifetime Experience

Summer training should not be taken for granted by and other technical students like MCA anyhow. But, somehow most of the engineering and other students like diploma holders, etc takes their summer training programs very lightly. There is a misconception that summer training is just for a training certificate and nothing else, which they can arrange from anywhere. But, summer training is not just about getting a training certificate. The motive behind summer training is to help students in their overall development.

As the main motive behind doing any technical professional course is to have a great career ahead in future. And for having a decent job or career in I.T or any other core related field, one must have strong technical knowledge, great personality and prior experience of the respective job. As for fresher's it is too tough to get a job on initial level without having these three basic requirement of the companies. As every company want to hire best candidates to work for them. No company want to train fresher's because it takes too much time for the company to train fresher's first and then to assign them tasks and works. Leading companies are ready to pay any salary packages to the professionals according to their experience and skills but do not want to spend time for the training programs of the fresher's, as the scenario the corporate sector is very competitive.

That why summer training has been implemented by leading university and colleges all around country as compulsory part of the technical professional courses like B.Tech, B.E and MCA. Because only having solid technical basics is not enogh to survive in the corporate world but one must sound in every aspect to deal with different situations and problems. Top universities and colleges knows that it is quite difficult for them to look after other important aspects which are required for complete development of professional courses students, as a result they introduced summer training in the curriculum of these leading technical professional courses like B.Tech and MCA.

It has been noticed that students has started realizing the important of summer training in the proper shaping of their career. As the rate of unemployment among the engineering students has been increased tremendously in the past five years. Recession and poor quality of engineers are the two main reason behind this disastrous employment rate. Because after recession the number of job and career chances has been decreased to a great extend. As a result companies don't wants to take chance to compromise with the quality of the professionals.

Company are looking for "Ready to Use" employees for them to work in the best possible way. There are many training companies for and mca students especially in the cities like Bangalore, Pune and hyderabad etc. But the good training companies are few in the Northern India especially in Uttarakhand region. Earlier students have to go to cities like Pune and bangalore for their training purpose as there were no good training company in this region. But, now there are few good training companies located in major cities in uttarakhand like dehradun, roorkee, haldwani etc where students can easily get quality training.

Summer training usually initiates from June and July.